What drives or motivates you?

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If you were to picture your ‘ideal life’ how would this image look like in your mind?

Many motivational speakers and self-development authors agree that to live your ‘ideal life’ that you must have ‘motivators’ in your life. So let’s examine what people, things, jobs, situations and circumstances in your life drive or motivate you!

To become motivated – you will achieve your dreams when you connect the visual of your ‘ideal life’ with a related emotion. So, what truly excites you even as you are thinking about these things should feel SO real that you can feel it from your very core! We urge you to make a list after reading this Blog as to what things you just saw in your vision of YOUR dream life. Were you sitting there under a warm umbrella in a hot, tropical island ? Were you there with your family or were you spending some time with yourself while reading and relaxing ? Were you with your future spouse or life-partner? Were you doing a ‘job’ or ‘career’ that doesn’t feel like work because you love it SO much ? In whichever scenario or situation you may have just imagined, did you look and FEEL extremely happy, satisfied & content while being there ? And just thinking about this image – do you feel excited, happy, at peace, or any other positive emotion just while imagining it? We hope you did! But while envisioning – we hope that you also continue to feel the emotion related to your dream!

In any case, your ‘ideal life’ is your life’s vision and mission and are two important components of how you define of your ‘ideal’ life. This vision and mission in your life can then be seen as an example of your dreams, your wishes, your goals and your to-do-list. The process to this ideal life will become a reality for you when you first dream about this life, then think about it, then write it down, then construct daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. And these goals will then help you move from your vision from your fantasy to your real world. But goals are no good without positive & winning habits and habits do take at least 21 days or so to create and keep! And finally, these goals will you to attract the people, things, experiences and situations that will bridge your dreams onto the other side.

To summarize, when you are visualizing this dream life – the most crucial action that you can take to change your thoughts are to connect your thoughts and actions to your emotions. If you are reading or thinking about your goals and not feeling the emotion that places you in your brand new office or spending time with family while on holidays – all the planning in the world won’t get you there. You must FEEL the passion, excitement, calmness, happiness, peace, contentment that you will feel when you have attained this ideal life but ALSO when you are visualizing it!

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