Turning Dreams Into Reality!

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Since the first of May 2010, I’ve begun writing a daily list of statements. I’ve read about this method of writing down your dreams, values, goals and aspirations in the present before but recently I became reacquainted with this technique. During a business session, an interesting Business Coach talked about how he writes 15 statements everyday that are personal, positive, and in the present. After hearing the magic of writing down these statements, he began to tell us how things are gradually materializing in his life. The key here is – gradually. Others also seem to believe & prove that things in their ‘wish lists’ or statements have become a reality for them.

So I’ve decided to give this method a try…let’s see you never know. When I write this list of mine in the morning first thing or during my morning tea – I’m finding that its helping me at the very least redefine a morning routine for me. I’ve put some of my dreams down as if they are reality and I feel pretty impressed with myself with this list – at least for now. They say the top 5 on the list should be your most important ones, but I’ve put many things throughout the list that are equally as important for me.

Have you, your friends or any of your loved ones been practicing this sort of technique ? Either way, I’m interested to know whether others have heard of this method and if/so does anyone have any interesting stories to share ?

They say there’s something powerful and karmic about actually writing down my list, connecting with my dreams, and letting the universe know what my wishes are.

I think there may also be benefits in finding out what my priorities are on a more cosmic and individual level and in trying to subconsciously be more accountable to myself. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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