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Nobody can live their dream life without the help of others. So then, no human being is an island because each of us need a community of people, things, supports and resources to attain our dreams. Do you have family members, relatives, friends, teachers, role models, or a hero who has have been there to mentor, support, encourage, uplift, inspire, educate, or inform you?

Apparently, the many “successful” people in our world each practice feeling a sense of gratitude in their lives. This may be a single strategy that many people have forgotten about…becoming humble before and during their life journeys. Perhaps we can each begin by feeling gratitude towards being alive, healthy, and able-bodied. You could even take one step further by defining some of these words.

For example, I am grateful for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health. My neighbour may be thankful for being blessed with three healthy, adventurous, and lively children. Or we may want to feel grateful towards our loving families, who have been there for us – throughout our struggles and achievements. Some people even carry a gratitude rock around with them, to remind them of the things they are thankful towards each and every day. I believe that gratitude is the first step towards humility and this step must be crossed for each and every one of us to live our dream life. All of us have the capacity to feel appreciative to someone or something. What are you grateful for in your life?

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