Infatuations or ‘Crushes’ with Celebrities

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Today’s thought briefly touches on the origins and processes of how ‘crushes’ or infatuations are developed.  Do you have a crush on a celebrity?  Well most of us do, in fact I haven’t met one person yet who hasn’t had a past or current ‘crush’ or infatuation on or with a certain celebrity, actor or actress.  Recently, I was watching …

What drives or motivates you?

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If you were to picture your ‘ideal life’ how would this image look like in your mind? Many motivational speakers and self-development authors agree that to live your ‘ideal life’ that you must have ‘motivators’ in your life. So let’s examine what people, things, jobs, situations and circumstances in your life drive or motivate you! To become motivated – you …

Differences between Coaches & all other Professionals in the ‘Helping’ Industry

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Many of our friends, acquaintances, and potential clients often wonder what the difference is between various professionals in the ‘helping field’. In fact, many people often ask us what the differences are between coaches and the rest of us in this health and wellness industry. So today, this question will be addressed with our greatest hope that you feel more …

Moksha on the Radio @ Click Lounge

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Click on the link below to hear the Founder of Moksha Counselling & Consulting Services talk about “Relationships” on South Asian radio station RJ1200’s CLICK LOUNGE – where she was interviewed by South Asian Woman Magazine’s cover ladies; Rina Kaur Gill and Tarannum Thind. Click Lounge 06.30 – RJ1200-Front Row Audio track – It’s The New Apna Thing.

The Power of a Vision Board

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As I type today’s blog, I can see my own Vision Board. And unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 5 to 10 years you will have heard about this phenomena & entity called the Vision Board. Amongst the many spiritual & intrinsic reasons for having a Vision Board, the main reason relates to the concept of …


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Nobody can live their dream life without the help of others. So then, no human being is an island because each of us need a community of people, things, supports and resources to attain our dreams. Do you have family members, relatives, friends, teachers, role models, or a hero who has have been there to mentor, support, encourage, uplift, inspire, …

Turning Dreams Into Reality!

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Since the first of May 2010, I’ve begun writing a daily list of statements. I’ve read about this method of writing down your dreams, values, goals and aspirations in the present before but recently I became reacquainted with this technique. During a business session, an interesting Business Coach talked about how he writes 15 statements everyday that are personal, positive, …

Moksha: Ancient Wisdom in Modern Times

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Moksha (or Mukti) is the ultimate peace, knowledge and enlightenment; and this is how Moksha relates to us in today’s world. If one were to Google the word ‘Moksha’, undoubtedly a myriad of interesting links, web pages, definitions and historical references will pop-up on screen. Moksha is a very relevant term even for those who are non-spiritual or non-religious because …