Anxiety Therapy with Moksha Psychotherapy

Do you often feel overwhelmed or unable to get past certain difficult thoughts that keep you up at night from getting your tasks completed during your days?

Do you often have trouble sleeping and notice that you can stay up for hours at a time with anxious thoughts, and feelings that will not let you go to sleep and/or feel rested in the morning?

Do you then wake up feeling exhausted and unable to get stuff done during this next morning? Have your family and loved ones recommended to you to start working with and seeing a therapist so that you can deal with your anxiety?

Did you know that most people start to think about these difficult thoughts usually right as they are about to go to sleep but that is often the only time in ones day that we are left alone thoughts from our self-critic to manage and make sense of them. Isnt it a great time to work through this anxiety with an experienced professional who is here to support you through these long-term challenges of anxiety in your life?

Would you like to work with someone who can give you some compassion, a safe place to listen and support you while providing you with some structure in ways that you can work with these thoughts instead of against them? What if there is a way to make these anxious thoughts work with them instead of fight against them?

Wouldnt it be so much better if you could start to process these thoughts and if we could understand some more deep-rooted feelings that connect to thoughts of insecurity, lack of self-worth, or just not feeling good enough.

What if we could use these thoughts and feelings as ways that would not only heal our insecurities but as ways to strengthen our sense of selves and our relationships with who we really are. Finally imagine if your sleep didnt have to take a hit at all and you would still wake up feeling well rested and ready to take tackle your day? Wouldnt that be one of your goals during this therapeutic journey of yours? There are various modalities and treatment approaches that we use such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT),acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Attachment-based therapy, Family Systems, Mindfulness-based (MBCT), Motivational Interviewing, Narrative and Solution Focussed Brief Therapies (SFBT) and we often can use these modalities together in an eclectic way.

Psychotherapists at Moksha Psychotherapy can do just that. We work with all types of clients of all ages and backgrounds who have been debilitated by various types of anxiety in their lives. Whether it is perfectionism, generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder or childhood anxiety coupled with panic attacks and childhood trauma, for example, we can and will support you through this personal therapy journey of yours.

We are happy to work with you in person, and at a regular routine that works for you. Help is available, please contact us today.

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